A hero for our times?

Not so much.

New Yorkers know that Andrew Cuomo is an arrogant fuck, a shitty man, with a history of dirty politics – and not just dirty politics, but bad politics.

He’s a corrupt product of the corrupt New York Democratic party machine. As in many states, the Democratic party in New York is a standalone entity, with little to do, and little in common, with the national party. Here, it’s a patronage mill that exists primarily to disenfranchise voters – especially voters of color – to preserve the perquisites of its loyal satraps.

You know how progressive states make voting easy? In New York, it’s about as hard as it is anywhere either to vote or to run for election, and this is all about power. The fewer people who (can) vote, the more the power of the party is magnified in our (essentially) one-party state.

Andrew Cuomo has done a terrific job in the last two months (with a few notable exceptions when it comes to using his power to castrate the hapless Bill DeBlasio, even if so doing was destructive to millions of people).

I won’t go into policies, but suffice it to say, Cuomo is no friend of progressives. He’s a slimy, nasty, venal man. Don’t forget – he was responsible for this – a decisive last-minute intervention in his father’s successful gubernatorial campaign against the also-very-complicated Ed Koch:

Anyway. I’m no fan of Cuomo. Even as I appreciate the generally good leadership he’s been offering in the last two months. But two months doesn’t make a political career disappear. As Rudy Giuliani demonstrated nineteen years ago. Rudy had three good weeks. But reversion to type is inevitable. So don’t expect Cuomo to be anyone other than he always have been.

And still… this is fun:

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