Donald J. Trump

Those of you outside the United States can’t appreciate the buffoonery of Trump. Let me say this now. I say it in both the authoritative and the aspirational mood: Donald Trump will not be the president of the United States.

We are a better country than that.

His latest outrageous attempt at brand-building – calling for a ban on admitting Muslims to the United States – is a fascistic attempt at bolstering his sagging poll numbers.

It’s no coincidence that it came on the same day that polls predicted, for the first time, that Ted Cruz is ahead of him in Iowa.

It’s hard for non-Americans to make sense of our electoral process. Fuck, it’s hard for Americans to make sense of our electoral process. But Donald Trump will not be president. He will not be the nominee of the Republican party. (In many ways, I wish he would be. But he won’t.)

If you’re not an American, please don’t be deceived: Donald Trump is a hateful demagogue, using the presidential campaign to increase his value as a star. That is all he is. He has no future here.

Trust me. (I hope.)

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