Unsolicited hotness, complete with an orgasm

Read this tale, by a reader of the blog, and then, listen to her cum, and admire just how high her voice gets. (And note: I never say “LOL.” It’s here in direct quotes, and with a disclaimer.):

A bit of background – we’re both attached and opposites as far as age, race, build, ethnicity, etc….which is all part of the attraction. We’d been teasing each other for >6 months to the point that I always finger myself after our monthly encounters.

One evening, he made the move to invite me over for a “masturbation party”. lol.

By the time I arrive, my panties were wet and my lips were swollen. It helped that I had already given myself an orgasm an hr earlier thinking about him, so they hadn’t quite gone down by the time he called. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m wearing knee high leather boots, thigh high black stockings, and a knee length sweater dress which clings to my petite frame in a perfectly flattering – yet tasteful way. I remembered he liked thongs, but I feel more comfortable in boy shorts – so I went with what put me at ease….sheer in the back, lacy in the front.

As I walk in from the cold, I put my frozen hands in his. Beyond that, I was too nervous to hug or kiss him. I could tell he was nervous too as he took a seat far from me and says “So, show me what Amy (not my real name) is all about.” In my head I wondered if I was a penguin or a stripper sent to do tricks for him lol, but I only laughed and said “ohhhhh kaaayyyy”.

I knew what he wanted to see, so I found a seat I felt comfortable in, while he stood a few yards from me. Initially, I felt awkward and said so out loud. As I said that, I rubbed my hands along my thighs to relax myself and that’s when I saw his eyes fix on my hands and my clothed body like a tiger studying his prey. That pure,ย adulterated, focused gaze turned me on sooo much that I was ready. lol

I leaned back in my seat, placed one foot up on a nearby stand and pushed the seat of my lacy boy shorts to the side and began to slide my fingers up and down my dark chocolate puffy lips. After a minute of that, I noticed his dick swelling in his pants, so I motioned for him to come closer. I took his hand and placed it on my breasts (still covered, small D cups) but he went straight down my dress to my nipples and started squeezing and rubbing them. Soon, I really wanted to see what he was workin with so I rub my hand on the outside of his pants, and slowly unzipped them. It was a lil tough to get his cock out, so I asked him to do it. I expected something special about it because of his confidence and I was not disappointed ……it was quite thick. Actually, it was fat.;-) I wanted to wrap my lips around it immediately. But, I touched it, gently caressed the shaft, then the head – squeezing a droplet of pre-cum out. I smeared it all over the head with my thumb, while watching his face for his reaction. He played cool, but I could tell he was happy thus far and anticipating what I would do next. All the while I’m slowly rocking my hips, touching myself.

Finally, I bend towards him and attempt to swallow him whole – as best and as deep as I could considering how thick he was. He then asks to see my ass while I’m tongue kissing his cock. So, I stand up from the seat and bend over, toss my dress up in the back – giving him full access. He peels my underwear off and starts to grab and rub my ass cheeks. Eventually, his fingers start rubbing and touching my pussy. When I got close to cumming, I stood up, halfway cling to him with one foot up on the seat as I lose balance. I cum in his arms.

I look up at him and tell him that I want to feel him inside me and asked if he had a condom. He said “no”, so I kneel down and continue sucking and and jerking to make him cum. I told him I had fantasized about this. He started getting into it and asked if I “like sucking his white cock?” That turned me on soooo much more than I could have expected. I pulled his cock out just long enough to say a quick “yes” but I really wanted to say “HELL YEA!”. lol. Shortly after I could tell he was close, so I start caressing his balls and he filled my mouth with cum. I AM NOT a swallower – but I sooo could have and wanted to swallow his. It was perfect. It was a thin fluid, with no smell, no gooey texture, no taste. But, I didn’t. Gotta save something for next time ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now โ€“ hear her cum.

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