How I lost 40 pounds (hint: hot trainers)

I used to be fat, but then I stumbled on, with the help of my wife, just a little extra motivation:  “Why don’t you hire a hot trainer?” she said.

Never one to do things half-assed, or to look a gift horse in the mouth (not to call you a horse, babe), I hired not one but four.  (Well, really two, but at least initially, four….)

I placed an ad on Craigslist:  the ad said, essentially, “I need a hot trainer to motivate me.  If you’re willing to dress as I reasonably request and willing to talk endlessly and openly about sex with me….  Let me be clear:  I’m NOT looking for sex.”

I weeded through the responses – many were from “legitimate” trainers who professed to be scandalized by what I was proposing, but nonetheless responded, in hopes that what I really wanted was just a trainer.  When I made it clear that I was serious – that I really wanted a trainer who would dress as I asked, and who was comfortable talking endlessly about sex – they evaporated.  A whole other group were women simply looking for some extra money – neither trainers nor particularly compelled by the proposal.

But the third group – that was where the action was, for me.  Women who were, genuinely, trainers, but who were maybe looking to beef up their clientele a bit.  AND who were playful, who were intrigued, who were curious.  I met these women for coffee, where we sat, objectified one another, and auditioned:  would they take me as a client seriously?  I wasn’t offering to pay more or differently than any other trainer’s client would pay, but I was asking for a whole lot more/different.  And would I hire them?  Were they hot enough?  Flirty enough?  Sexual enough?

At the end of the day, there were four with whom I established a rapport.  None was what I would describe as my “type,” inasmuch as I have a type.  Each was different.  There was the Southern Belle, tall, lean, and seemingly princess-proper, who revealed herself to be a slut (or at least to enjoy portraying herself as one).  My favorite tale of hers involved a guy who approached her on a train saying, “Wanna fuck?”  Her answer:  “Why yes!  Yes, I do.”  The Midwestern girl next door, brunette, stocky, muscular, who is painfully headed toward a conventionally monogamous existence with a guy – they’re not yet engaged, but seem to have a relationship doomed to unhappiness and sexual misery, at best.  (He seems entirely uninterested in her entirely unexplored, but evidently quite healthy, appetite for being beaten.)  The Actress – tall, blonde, angular – who’s kinky as all get-out, and yet nowhere near as kinky as her boyfriend (she’s into D/S; he’s into cuckolding).  The Actress just loves talking about her – and my – exploits.  I’m not sure which turn her on more.  And the Weightlifter – who’s petite but built – vanilla and conventional, but very sexual, and loves to flirt.

The Southern Belle and the Midwestern Girl Next Door quickly evolved to supporting roles – they make occasional guest appearances in my fitness life, when I have a jones for one or the other.

But the other two?  They have staying power.  I hired them each more than two years ago, and we’re all still together.  I weight a lot less now, and we know each other a lot better….


  1. First time, long time as they say in talk radio.
    I did a search and this is the only mention I see of cuckholding, which in tone seems to be set aside as a fetish.
    I’ve read quite a bit about the topic, to find that there exists a broad spectrum within the “cuck” community, from those who try it for fun to those who practice it as a lifestyle. So I am not sure it is easily classified.
    But I am curious as to your opinion. I have never engaged but it has been a running fantasy of mine to watch my wife suck a cock much larger than mine and then ride that same cock until completion. In some versions I participate in the fun- but never in a homosexual way (and that isn’t homophobia speaking, just a solid preference).
    Where do you stand on the matter of sharing your wife and on being the third participant doing the sharing?
    Feel free to pm me if you think its more appropriate. But your readers might enjoy your response.

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