Getting ready to move….

Ok – I'm getting ready to move to WordPress.  If you're into that kind of thing, you can watch in real time over at my new domain –  I should be up and running there in a few days, but keep coming here until I actually move.

Meanwhile, I'd love any thoughts or advice people with self-hosted WordPress blogs might have for me.  I haven't yet selected a theme, or any gadgets, or anything, but I'm psyched to begin to manage all this stuff.  It's good, 'cause I really wasn't spending enough time on this blog.
Also, advice from folks who've made this transition would be great.  I'm going to "import" the blog from Blogger over to WordPress.  One thing I see is going to be imperfect is that links that are internal to the blog seem likely to come over as links to the old blog, rather than to the new one.  I think, all things equal, I'd like to essentially take down this (old) blog and just leave a forwarding page, but links to deep within the blog would make that impossible.
Anyway, my writing may take a back seat for a few days as I make this transition, but I just thought I'd let you know about a few things I'm pondering writing about:
– More on my trainer.  She doesn't read my blog, but in a recent conversation about this entry about her (not the one about her breasts), she had some other ideas….
– Thoughts about shame.
– A (further) exploration of my exhibitionism.
– More thoughts about L and our current hiatus.
– An exploration of compulsivity, in me, and in general.
– My affection for Sasha Grey and James Deen.
– More on porn.
– Thoughts about Google, GMail, Google+, Blogger, WordPress, and getting something for "nothing."
Good night, folks.  See you soon.


  1. Hey, N: happy to hear you're making the move to independence.  Your thought in the last entry on this topic is right: if you're using a free service, you're not the customer, you're the product. It is a pain about internal links; I've often wondered why blog software tends to make those absolute rather than relative when they're on the same domain.  

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