Writing can be hard

There’s lots I want to write about, per usual. There’s the ebbs and flows of Charlotte and me. Which continue to be some combination of delightful/delicious/maddening for both of us. There’s a newbie, a delightful cock-sucker whom I haven’t met but whose body was mine for 24 hours, culminating in 30 minutes of rollicking orgasms, that I aspire to share with you in the coming days. There’s Leyla’s maddening flakiness. Julie’s continued spectacular ass (and increasingly visible breasts, and cunt). There’s Athena and her flirtations with submitting to me. Cindy’s boundaries. The Persian Kitty (whom I’ve neglected terribly). And more.

All of which is complexified by the ways in which my summer is, as my summers always are, overwhelming. I’m blessed to have lots of family, and in the summer, that blessing makes itself felt like a curse. I have spent three of the last four weeks in the company of either parents or in-laws, and will spend the coming week in the presence of in-laws. I’ve been to three different spectacular summer destinations, with a fourth to follow, and my experience of all of them has been dwarfed by the family aspect of it all. And none of it has left me even a moment in which to write.

Truth be told, I don’t even, really, have this moment. But here I am – not just writing, but about to share with you an exciting compendium of porn photos I found that spoke to something (hint: core fantasy) deep inside of me. Enjoy!


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