I tend to use “cum” to mean “to have an orgasm” and “spooge.”

I recently read, on a blog I like, the assertion that “cum” is a noun, and that “come” is a verb.

I like that, and may give it a try in coming days.

What do you think?


  1. I always thought ‘cum’ was textspeak for come, noun as well as verb. Hated it because I don’t like textspeak. Then someone whispered ‘Cum for me’ and it was the hottest thing I had ever heard.

  2. ‘Cum’ as a word in any writing EVER always seems juvenile to me. It makes me think of prepubescent schoolboys giggling behind the toilet block over ‘dirty stuff’.

    From what I can gather, it originated in 1970s porn (I looked it up to try and find a logical reason why it seemed so prevalent: I thought maybe there was some historical context there that I was missing. But no, just porn-speak). I guess that in itself explains the ‘dirty-hot’ appeal of it for many, but I find reading it like a bucket of cold water. It kills any sexy nuance dead because of the image of Beavis and Butthead behind the sheds going ‘hurr hurr… “cum”…’

    I figure if someone can’t work out what I mean when I spell it ‘come’, then my writing is so bad, I probably shouldn’t even bother.


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