I am a tortured soul.

I stopped smoking a few months ago. For the umpteenth time.

And then, the other day, I bought a pack. Not for “bad” reasons. I had happy shit happening, and I wanted to celebrate, and cigarettes felt like the “best” way for me. So I bought a pack.

I smoked a few of them. The first was phenomenal. Each successive cigarette gave me less pleasure. I tossed the pack after smoking about ten. But five, I put in a drawer, because reasons (having nothing to do with me).

The problem is, I can’t handle cigarettes in a drawer. Since I put those cigarettes in a drawer, two of them of have been consumed by me. Two remain. Do the math.

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  1. I don’t suppose T smokes, or that it could be the housekeeper?
    I guess you’re in a similar sort of dilemma as I mentioned in my comment, except you can speak from the point of view of the smoker, the addict if you will.

    Good luck!

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