You’re married?!?

She’s lovely looking. Pretty, pouty lips, long brown hair, pretty green eyes. She’s here (from Brazil) for just one more night, but she seems taken by me, by the prospect of my cock in her mouth, my tongue on her clit, my cock in her cunt.

We make a plan. It’s just hours away. “Can we meet at your place?” she asks.

“No,” I say.

“Why not?” she says. “Are you scared?”

“No,” I reply. “But 1) I want to meet you in a bar – we haven’t interacted enough for me to know that I want to be in a bedroom with you, and 2) my house is off-limits, because wife, child, etc.”

“Wait,” she says. “You’re married?!?”

And she un-matches me.

Will someone explain this to me? I simply don’t understand.


  1. “I’m married” implies “… and cheating” to the average person, and many people are just not okay with cheating or with those who cheat, casual or not.

    I’m surprised that you’re surprised by that.


  2. The usual narrative. Don’t want to think about it, ucky, risky, etc. Too bad she didn’t give you the opportunity to explain more. She’d broaden her opportunities by a lot, could have had a fun experience, and would have learned a little.

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