My friend Hy has the top sex blog!

Molly, of “Molly’s Daily Kiss,” does yeoman’s work each year, compiling a subjective list of the 100 top sex blogs. Her 2015 list just came out.

My best blogging friend, Hy, who writes the awesome, sexy, hot, interesting, vulnerable, raw “A Dissolute Life Means,” won (deservingly) the top spot this year. Honestly, Hy writes the only blog I read religiously. And this isn’t just because we’re friends (which we are). It’s because she writes the only blog that I really love. I’ll admit, I often skip over the detailed descriptions of the copious amounts of sex she has. She writes sex good, but I don’t really get into reading about sex, ironically (?). What I love most about Hy’s blog is how much of herself she puts into it. You can’t read her blog and not ache for her as she processes the pain of a breakup, as she struggles to make sense of her pining for a manifestly imperfect partner, even as she dismisses, or devours, her next conquest. If you like my blog, and you don’t read Hy, you should. Honestly. (Also, she’s the only other blogger who uses “dissolute” in her title, and she and I started blogging almost at the same moment. So that, too.)

I made the list, too. And pretty high up! I’m number 12. I’m in great company, and honored. Check out the list. There’s one man ahead of me – C.P. McClennan, who writes “Stranded in Toronto,” a mostly fictional erotica blog that’s got almost nothing in common with this blog. Which is to say, I’m thrilled.

Thank you, Molly, and congrats to everyone who made the list.

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