I can’t speak for other bloggers, but the relationship between what I post and when I post it is often coincidental at best. Other times, not so much.

On one occasion that I recall, I posted instructions to V in real time during a date.

Recently, I posted in the middle of a bad evening.

Sometimes, I have things to say that feel, for whatever reason, incredibly urgent, like you must read them. And NOW.

But often – more often – the timing of my posts is driven by things other than their relationship to actual events in my life. In order for a post to show up here, I have to write it. I have to be finished with it. Not necessarily to have edited or polished it – I don’t do a lot of that. But I do have to feel like I’m done with it, at least as far as it goes. (Which sometimes isn’t far, is only gestural.) I also have to post it. Or schedule it to be posted.

Often, just as a matter of notional self-discipline, I’ll schedule a post to go up a day, a week, a month after I write it. I do this, usually, just to provide myself with the chance to think more about whatever it is I’ve written, to decide whether I want to say more, or different, or not. (Nine times out of ten, I don’t take that opportunity, but I persist in giving it to myself.)

Which is all to say, sometimes, when you read something here, it’s because I just wrote it. This is most often true with posts that are manifestly about this particular moment in time.

But more often – and especially when I’m posting often – when you read a post here, it means I wrote it some time in the past month.

Just so’s you know….

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  1. I have a large number of drafts just waiting for when I am uninspired, or not feeling sexy. While I normally don’t schedule posts, I do rely on the drafts quite heavily some times.
    So I understand.

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