She’s in her late twenties. Her hair is brown, lustrous, nipple-length. Her cheekbones are high, her eyes incongruously green. Her teeth are a little crooked. Not British crooked (sorry), but… uncorrected… nonetheless. She wears a slightly diaphonous white cotton shirt, starched, unbuttoned to her breasts, but, frustratingly, revealing little of her cleavage. A lacy white bra can be seen underneath, as can her areolae, large, round, dark.

Her jeans are the wrong color, halfway between faded and dark. They’re almost “mom jeans,” too high on her waist. They’re saved by how they fit her round, curvy, sumptuous ass. She’s slender, but she’s got a booty.

She’s happy, engaged in animated conversation. She’s fun to watch.

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