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My new internet crushes, Nic and Lace, have written a response to my “Pack a bag” post, yesterday. Which, incidentally, I wrote on my phone on the subway yesterday morning, my cock hard all the way….

Because I want you to go to their blog, and give them the traffic they so richly deserve, I’ll just put the first paragraph or so here. But click through. It’s hot. They’re hot. And there’s really very little in life that doesn’t involve my actually touching a woman that turns me on more than my words arousing….

You asked me to tell you what’s next. But since I’m a disobedient little slut, I’ve decided instead to tell you how I felt when you persuaded me to parade my body in front of you in every piece of clothing I own. Somehow I felt most at ease while taking my clothes off for the first time. Undressing for you is something I know, and there was an easy familiarity in unbuttoning my shirt, smiling at the drift of your eyes across my collarbone, down to the lace of my bra, to the little dip of my navel. Following your gaze, I slid my skirt down over my hips and stepped out of it, shrugging my shirt off my shoulders too, leaving a trail of clothes on the floor. I unclipped my bra, and I felt that nervous thrill I always feel when I can see the lust hardening in your eyes, and I know that you’re imagining caressing the soft creamy-white swell of my breasts, leaning down to swirl your tongue around one nipple while pinching the other. I hooked my thumbs into the sides of my knickers and slid them down to the floor, and you dragged your gaze over my body.

Read the rest, here.


  1. I’ve been reading them. They’re humorous at times with their blunt, honest nature.
    …though it also cracks me up to read “knickers” every time. I have to get an old lady, large unsexy, “knickers” visual out of my head. Every time I read it, it ruins the image for me.
    …Cultural issues

    1. So what you’re saying is the word “knickers” has your knickers in a twist? What does it say about me that their vernacular is more familiar to me than many American bloggers’ is? Particularly those in the kinkier realms.

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