Take your clothes off as soon as you enter the room.

I’ll be sitting in the chair.

I’d like you to be wordless, please.

Once you’ve stripped to your underwear, I’d like you to lower yourself to your hands and knees, please.

And to crawl, slowly, toward me.

Once you’ve reached me, I’d like you to lift yourself to your knees, if you would, between mine.

Please look at me – stare in my eyes.

I’d like it if you would stroke my cock through my pants, if you would ensure that it’s good and hard with your hands.  And your eyes.

And if you would slowly – ever so slowly – ease it from my zipper.

Actually, strike that.

Would you stand for me, all the way?

And turn around, and make your way slowly, slowly, to the bed?  It’s in the next room….

Thank you.

Once you’re there, would you place your palms on the foot of the bed, and bend over?  Thank you.

Oh my.  Your ass looks delicious in the moonlight.

Thank you – thank you for sharing your delicious ass with me.

May I spank it just once?  Please?

Thank you.

May I spank it again?

Thank you.

If it’s all right with you, I’d like to taste your cunt.  May I?

Thank you.

Oh – your panties are in the way.  You don’t mind if I tear them off, do you?

Thank you.


You do taste delicious.


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