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I didn’t write this.  A lovely correspondent of mine did, in response to a tweet I had sent:  “Describe for me a memorable sexual encounter that did not involve nudity.”  I enjoyed it so much, I thought I’d share it with you:

I strut into the bar confidently, knowing his gaze is already upon me. Stopping long enough to scan the crowd, I feel a surge of sexual longing when our eyes meet.

He’s chosen a booth in the farthest corner, and I smile knowing it’s for the sole purpose of watching me as I move across the room.

I walk towards him slowly. Deliberately. And although I’m getting more and more turned on with each step, I remind myself “This is strictly business”.

He greets me with a hug, but this time he pulls me close and presses his entire body into mine. I’m a bit flustered and he knows it. I think he enjoys it.

I slide into the booth across from him and hand him the completed paperwork.

The waitress arrives. He announces that we’re celebrating tonight and orders two shots of Patron Silver. My favorite.

He gives a toast thanking me for my efforts to close our business deal and we drink the tequila. It goes down easily, maybe too easily.

“Woo! That feels good”, I say as the warmth spreads down my body.

“Then we need two more!” he replies with a smile.

I know better, but I drink the second shot. We flirt, then feeling bold and full of desire, I begin tracing my foot up his leg until it reaches his crotch.

He grabs my foot and holds it close so I can feel his hardness.

The waitress brings us the bill and I quickly straighten myself up, but she sees what I’ve been doing and smiles.

We talk about our business deal as he walks me to my car. It’s cold, and the conversation isn’t finished so we get inside.

Suddenly, he grabs the back of my hair and pulls my head back as he leans in to passionately kiss me, his tongue darting into my mouth as I eagerly kiss him back. His fingers slip beneath my blouse. He pinches my nipple and I let out a small moan as his other hand lightly strokes my neck.

Without thinking I whisper “Are you going to choke me?”

“Careful what you wish for…” he replies, before placing both hands on the front of my throat and squeezing gently, but firmly. I gasp and let out a squeal as the electricity surges from my throat to my pussy, making me instantly wet.

He squeezes my throat again and asks “Do you like it?”

I’m overwhelmed by what I’m feeling- this has never happened to me before- and I have to sit there for a moment before whispering “Yes.”

He tells me “You need to be taken. Against a wall. “ and I melt with desire.

We kiss some more before saying good night and going our separate ways.

It was the sexiest experience I’ve ever had, and I’m glad you asked me to describe it.

P.S. My panties are now soaked and I’m taking them off….


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