Ten commandments

1. You shall respond to all communications immediately, or, failing that, as promptly as practicable following receiving them – even if just to say, “I read this and won’t be able to respond properly until x:00.”

2. You shall communicate in advance, if at all possible, if you expect to be unable to respond to a text or email within, say, twelve to twenty-four hours or so of receipt (like if you plan to be offline/inaccessible/busy).

3. You shall be respectful in all interactions, saying “please” and “thank you.”

4. You shall always be mindful of the Selfie Rules.

5. You shall always respond to my requests by either a) fulfilling them instantly; b) proposing a delivery date/time; or c) explaining respectfully why you can’t/won’t fulfill the request(s), apologizing, and proposing, gently, an alternative intended to please at least as much or, preferably, even more than, the original request.

6. You shall strive to please me in all your doings.

7. You shall communicate your feelings and needs honestly, openly, transparently, promptly, and continuously.

8. You shall serve N. above all others.

9. You shall say “orange” when you want or need me to slow down, take a break, and communicate.

10. You shall say “red” when you want or need the action to come to a halt.

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