Charlotte’s coming, compiled

Do I have a gift for you!

If you’re one of those readers who loves all the women’s ecstasy that I’ve compiled on this blog over the years, you are going to love this – I’ve assembled, in one place, nearly every bit of audio ecstasy or torture Charlotte has given me.

I say “nearly” because there are a few that aren’t here. Those she sent via text, for example, are, by and large, absent. As well as a number that have her voice un-edit-ably interwoven with them. And, just a few that I missed. Because there. have. been. a. lot.

But, going forward? My hope is that either Charlotte or I will be sure to add each and every bit of audio ecstasy (or torture) to the list.


And click here (or look up top, to the sub-menu beneath orgasms) to behold.

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