Her eyes are brown, dark pools, surrounded by clear white. Her hair is the same color, shiny, in a ponytail, pulled off to her left, draped over her shoulder. Her cheekbones are high, her skin is clear, olive. Around her neck is a bright white scarf, gauzy, light, but bulky. Her fingernails were painted black a week or two ago.

A winter coat shrouds her form. All I know of her shape is what I can infer from the size and shape of her head, the breadth of her shoulders, and the curves of her thighs in her tight black jeans. She’s slender, but at the top of her jeans, I can see her hip flare: she’s got a round ass.

Her lower legs and feet are in tall rubber boots, shiny, black. She listens to her white ear buds intently, seriously, chewing gum incessantly.

A fellow traveler brushes against her unintentionally and she flashes an unexpected, bright, open smile.

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