Sex doesn’t excite me

For me to be aroused, to want to have sex, I need so much more than your hot body splayed out before me. I need anticipation, build-up, connection. I need to know that your desire for me is at least as strong as my desire for you.

I can reduce you to a collection of holes for my use, my enjoyment, sure, but it won’t be fun for me if I don’t believe, if I don’t know, that it gets you off tremendously not just to be used, but to be used by me.

On the one hand, I have no trouble getting it up. In the presence of anticipation, build-up, manifest evidence that you need what I need almost as much, as much, or more than I do (but of course, not too much), my cock is harder than a diamond.

On the other? A pretty woman alone does nothing for me. Even an intense emotional connection doesn’t gel, doesn’t harden, in the absence of more.

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