Adnan gets an appeal!

You heard it here first (or second, or whatever.)

Here’s the story.

I think it’s a little sad the extent to which “Serial” was a story about Adnan Syed, and not Hae Min Lee, and funny spoofs like this one catch in my throat a little, because, after all, “Serial” was, at best, the story of a man wrongfully convicted of an unsolved murder, and, at worst, a sympathetic portrayal of a fucked-up trial that resulted in the rightful conviction of a murderer who had shitty representation – and, in either case, a young woman was killed.

The celebrification of Sarah Koenig feels to me similarly unseemly. I did like the show. I was captivated by it. I thought it was not un-flawed, and Koenig began to grate on me – it felt too much, to me, like an exploration of her relationship to the story. But I was grateful for it (and gave money, and look forward to whatever comes next).

In any event, the one thing the show did (it seems to me) establish conclusively is that – if a jury found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt on the basis of the evidence presented – he wasn’t represented competently.

I’m glad he’s getting an appeal.

H/t to Tamora – thanks for the heads-up!

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