Tinder strategies, part 1 – swiping

1) Swipe everyone to the right. Don’t bother looking, even. Less than 1% of women swipe me right anyway – I might as well let them all see me (I believe that, when I swipe right, it causes my profile card to pop up in their stream sooner or later) and decide. If a woman swipes me right, I can decide whether I’m actually interested. In any event, while I’m a sucker for looks, we all know that it’s compliance and not looks that really gets me hard. And compliance is rarely discernible from six pictures and 200 characters anyway. Plus, I can do this while doing almost anything else, including reading. (Tap-tap-tap the heart with my thumb.)

2) Pay scant attention to each profile. Swipe those left I can tell, based on their first picture, I won’t be attracted to. Swipe everyone else right. (This is a modification of strategy 1, above.) Has the advantage of avoiding awkward matches that could have been easily avoided; has the disadvantage of requiring at least some effort.

3) Pay close attention to each profile. Is she attractive? Do her words suggest we might connect? This can be fun – women post sexy pictures, funny pictures, and their words often are entertaining (though as often as not, unintentionally). Women also post links to their Instagram feeds, and it can be fun to be directed to some particularly self-revealing streams. I have to say, when I pay close attention, while it’s lots of fun, it doesn’t result in any better results either in terms of matches or of matches likely to result in anything. This is really an activity in its own right, as compared to 1, which is consistent with virtually any other activity, and 2, which requires minimal attention.

Next: Part 2 – We matched! Now what?


  1. Yes, those are very different strategies with a lit of difference in time consumed. Did you find that any one of them works better for you? Why? Or does it depend on the day, how busy you are, how horny you are…?

    1. It’s not so much about “better.” It’s about how I want to spend my time. Obviously, swiping right on everyone is the “best” strategy. It’s the quickest, requires the least investment of time and energy, and ensures I’ll match with (at least) every woman in whom I might be interested who swipes me to the right. The downsides, though, are that a) it also matches me with people I’ll have no interest in, and b) it deprives me of the FUN of selecting and swiping, which is pretty damned fun.

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