I’m right-handed, but I just noticed that I do a lot of my writing with my left hand lately.

I write on my phone a lot. My phone is an Android. (For a variety of reasons, many related to the way the keyboard and typing work, I find the iPhone simply maddening). I use Swype, one of the various alternate keyboards that lets me glide my fingers over the keyboard from key to key, rather than having to press and release each key individually. It’s faster for me, and much more pleasant.

But I “Swype” with my left thumb. Far faster than I could type with my two thumbs, as I did beginning in the days of my first BlackBerry, and not ending until the advent of Swype.

Does the act of writing with one’s non-dominant hand have an effect on one’s (my) writing? Its style? Its content?

If I were the people at Swype, I’d study this. There may be a marketing opportunity. “Access the creativity of your right brain, righties! Write with the intuitiveness of a leftie! Why use only half your brain?”

I suppose conventional typing uses both hands, and so may also have some sort of effect on the writing process as well.

Has anyone thought about this? Read about it? Studied it?


  1. I’ve learnt to type with my left hand lately… mostly because my right is otherwise occupied. I’m not sure writing with my left hand is what is affecting the writing on my phone most 😉

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