Collecting on ambivalence; sharing intimacy

I wrote about how I should run from E, whose ambivalence, I felt sure, spelled ruination for me (and for whom my ardor spelled her ruination).

I didn’t run, and I’m glad.

Contrary to past experience of such situations, E came through for me, providing me with an awesome evening of cock-sucking, fucking, cunt-licking, and general abuse.

I left her bruised, sore, sated. She left me content, spent, sated.

Then, I worried that there wouldn’t be a second time, that the notch I provided in her belt would be enough for her.

She keeps begging to see the blog. I’ve told her, “Not until the third time you’ve sucked my cock.”

She said, “I did that like five times yesterday.”

That’s not what I meant.

It’s one thing for someone to get to know me first through the blog. But to get to know me in person first, and then come here? That’s a whole different thing.

Two more dates. Then she gets the URL.

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