After I cum

Orgasms are emotional points of inflection in time.

Some cry after they cum. Some laugh. Some want to cuddle, or hug. Some want to run, others to sleep, others to smoke. Some want to run away.

Orgasms are so intense, they’re natural demarcators of change: invariably, the moments after an orgasm are different than the moments before. At least for me.

But how? (And then, perhaps, one day, I can tackle why?)

Some time ago, I wrote, in depth, about the sensations I have when I have an orgasm. I’m working on such a piece about the sensations I have in the moments after I cum.

How about you? What happens to you, how do you feel, right afterwards?


  1. i agree that there is a chemical reaction in the brain and body that brings almost ethereal clarity. It may be a moment of shame (I really didn’t need to watch that, did i?) or love, or fear, but the emotions are singular and clear.

    My friend was having a hard time deciding if she should break-up with her boyfriend so I asked her how she felt the moment HE came and the moment SHE came the night before. She thought about it for about 2 minutes without saying a word and a tear rolled down her cheek. She called him and they broke up that night.

    Weeks later, after she stopped blaming me for their split, she admitted that in that very moment she came she knew she was done, mostly because at the moment he came, she didn’t want him anywhere near her. She just wasn’t paying attention.

    I’m happy to say she was much much happier with her next BF, and no, it was not me.

  2. I feel dirty after, good dirty 😉 I feel calm and serine.I do get a burst of energy too but it’s not like I’ll be running a marathon right after either.

      1. I feel nothing. And I actually did think about this….
        Nothing. Nada. Blank fucking canvas up there (in my brain). I came this morning and the only thing I felt was pressure to get my school work done.

          1. It is nothing. I felt nothing emotionally. I just lay there for a minute and then get up and do stuff for the most part. It’s like my mind goes into a mini coma ? And yes, it’s like that often.

  3. Sometimes I’m quiet, smiling and curl up to rest by myself or on my guy. Sometimes I’m shy, grinning and giggly. Other times I’m growling and want more.

      1. When I’m quiet and smiling, I’m at peace. Whatever’s happened is exactly what I wanted.

        When I’m shy and grinning, I can’t believe what’s happened. It’s a known fantasy being fulfilled, fucking within minutes of saying hello, coming quickly, squirting unexpectedly. It’s the transformation from normal me > sex me > normal but sexed me.

        When I’m growling and want more, I’m restless. I know I can cum again, I’m so close to squirting. Please. Those words hardly ever leave my mouth, it’s my body screaming for it. I can feel the struggle, the tensing and the release. It’s an amazing cycle until I’m utterly spent.

        During the first two, I’m overwhelmed and can’t process what’s going on whilst it’s going on – the pleasure overrides any thoughts and shuts down my brain so it’s the thoughts that come directly after which is the difference.

        During the last one, I go into an alternate universe. I’m no longer a person. My body has taken over my brain. I exist on pleasure and pleasure alone. If there’s ever a difference between what you need and what you think you want, this is it. For me, that happens here.

  4. Most of the time it’s hard to discern what emotions are flooding my brain. It depends on who I’m with, what mental state I’m in and whether I’m just getting myself off. Who I’m with has a massive impact and so does my previous mental state. But in the past I have been utterly surprised by emotion with unexpected tears. When that has happened I can’t tell whether it’s joy or sadness or a mix of both. It’s called La Petit Mort for a reason, sometimes it feels like such an intense release you almost die in the process. You can feel melancholic and transcendent at the same time. What happens after that is less important. I generally get sleepy, sometimes I want more… but I’m always relatively spent.

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