When you cum….

Do you prefer vibration or penetration?

Or both?

Would you prefer one finger? Two? Four? A fist?

Do you cum from fucking?

From oral?

By dildo?


Never at all?

Instantly or after an hour?

Is it predictable – do you always cum?

Or is it capricious?

Do you cum once or ten times?

Are you spent afterward?

Do you squirt? Gush?

Are you quiet or loud?

Do your thighs clench?

Do you roll on your side?

Are you hyper-sensitive afterward? Or do you want more? Or both?

There are no right answers, but god, it’s fun to learn your answers.


  1. Both
    Just fucking? Never.
    Never tried, but doubtful
    That would be aweful
    Closer to an hour
    Absolutely not. But it doesn’t matter, it’s still great.
    There’s those big words again!
    Not even close.
    Quiet. I’ve been told that if I’m still moaning and talking dirty that he knows I’m not even close!
    I don’t think so? But my toes curl…
    Want more more more. That’s when I want to be fucked HARD.

  2. Either. But not at the same time.
    First one. Then two, three, sometimes more or all.
    Sometimes, if you hit the right spot at the right angle.
    Oh yes.
    No, unless it’s in my ass.
    Sometimes. It needs to be on the exact right spot next to my clit.
    With some guys, never.
    With others, very quickly.
    And over and over again.
    I gush.
    I moan, grunt, sometimes scream. Never quiet.
    If it’s a minigasm, I’ll just stay how I am. And I’ll want more. During/after a big one, I’ll clench everything, perhaps push you out, push you away, fold up in a foetal position and cry and want to be held, hugged, but not touched any other way.

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