Look at me

I know it’s hard, that you’re concentrating, but I want to see your eyes.

I know the angle is awkward, that it may even hurt just a little to do both things at once.

But look at me.

I want your eyes on mine, the whole time.

Don’t look down.

Don’t close your eyes.

Don’t look away.

Look at me.


  1. Ooh! I love looking him in the eyes when I’m doing that. We sometimes manage to be looking at each when we orgasm, but it’s hard (forgive the pun) as our tendency is to close our eyes then.

  2. I love that moment when our eyes connect and I can his flitting from watching my mouth round his cock to watching my eyes…. just writing that made me wet.


  3. It is THE hottest thing in the world to suck a guys cock and watch his face at the same time. Anyone who thinks giving head is submissive has clearly never done that.

  4. Just like he loves me to look at him when i handle his cock, I also love it when he looks at me when he is eating me up.. I love to see the lust, the pure pleasure of him devouring me.. 🙂

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