Questionnaire: how to handle your…

I’ve previously asked about how you like to be fingered, about how you like your breasts handled.

Today, I’m wondering….

When I’m going down on you, what would you like?

Would you like to be blindfolded? Restrained? Just your hands? Your hands and your legs? Gagged, too?

Would you like to be nude? To be wearing your skirt or dress, but have your panties torn off? Removed gently? Pulled to the side? To have your jeans around your knees, constraining how wide you can spread your legs?

Would you like me to dive straight down there? Or would you prefer that I take my time, lingering as my tongue makes its way, slowly, from your mouth? To spend time on your neck? Your shoulders? Your clavicle? Your breasts, nipples? Your navel?

Do you want me to tease you, to trace around the outside of your pussy before, or shall I simply plunge down?

Do you want my thumb in your ass? My fingers in your pussy? My palm pressing down on your pubis?

Do you want me to reach up and squeeze, pinch, your breasts? Put a finger in your mouth? Do you want to help me, to finger yourself, while I’m working on your clit? Do you want to take responsibility for the clit while I manage your pussy and ass?

Do you want me to start slow and build, gradually? Do you want me to charge full steam ahead to your orgasm? To approach it and then back off?

Do you want me to make you beg to cum? To force you to cum against your will? Do you want me to keep going after you’ve cum? To continue, even when you’re overstimulated, even ticklish?

Shall I follow your orgasm with more orgasms? Or would you rather I finger you, hard, deep?

Or that I slide my cock, slowly into you, to collect yet another orgasm?

Or that I push it in, hard, deep?

Do you want me to talk? To interrupt my ministrations to tell you what I’m doing, to call you names, to ramp you up? Or should I be all business?

And you – what will you do? Will you cum once or ten times or not at all? Will you gush? Contract? Will I feel you cum on my tongue, on my finger? Will I hear you tell me you’re cumming? Tell me you’re about to cum? Tell me you’re not going to cum? Will you buck and thrust, squeezing my head between your thighs? Will you push me away, hard, fighting my neck muscles? Will you be loud? Silent?

Tell me all.

Your wish is my command. There are no right answers.

(Unless I’m not asking….)


  1. I don’t want to be restrained or blinfolded. I want to watch you at work
    I want to be nude.
    I would like you to take your time to stroke and tease my navel and my lower belly
    I don’t want a thumb in my ass until you are fucking me
    I will help you with the clit if you like
    I think I would like to be made to beg to cum although I am not sure as I have never done that
    Definitely follow the orgasm with more orgasms.
    If you do things right and stimulate that little spot I will build up to be orgasming uncontrollably. I will squirt all over your face, your hands, the bed everywhere like a fountain. Until I beg you to fuck me. And it will be loud, very very loud.

  2. Your hands sliding up under my skirt, your fingers grazing my panties.

    Kiss me hard on my mouth and let me feel your breath, your teeth on my shoulder. Let me feel your hands on my skin, your fingers in my flesh, your teeth on my nipples as you make your way down.

    Push me back on the bed/chair/sofa/car seat. Pull my panties aside or rip them off and hold my thighs wide apart..even if you think I want you to stop.

    Taste me and let me know you like it. Lick me in long strokes all the way to my clit but tease me…make me beg for you to suck on my clit. And when I beg you, tease me some more.

    Let me feel your skin while you go down on me. My hands on your head, your fingers in my mouth. As you bring me closer, I’ll be craving a cock in my mouth, in my throat. But for now, let me suck your fingers till I finish. I want to focus on this.

    And when you finally swirl your tongue around my clit and clamp down on it, slide a finger in me slowly. Finger me hard please, as you tongue my clit, and hear me lose my mind. When I get close, i’ll want to feel your mouth all over my pussy. I’m going to tell you I’m about to cum and when I do, i’ll have to hold your face close to me as I push up against your mouth. I’ve never squirted but I will feel like I’m about to explode, like I’m about to ejaculate.

    And when I’m done, I’ll want more. More of this. Your cock in my mouth. Your cock sliding into me and your thumb sliding into my ass. Just…more, hard, deep.

  3. i’ve read this more than once today and i’ve had to make myself cum more than once… 🙂
    It’s fantastic to write down exactly what i want…

  4. I’m not sure if I’d want to be restrained. I’d want to be restrained, but I’d be afraid to be, the first time. But the tension helps.

    You’d want me naked, and I’d flush scarlet as you removed articles of clothing, and you’d love that.

    You might mistake my trembling and nerves for cold, so you might cover an ankle or a leg, but it’s difficult to be covered and be fucked. I might feel anxious about being so revealed, so open, so naked to you, about what you’d think, about what you’d see, but you’d begin talking to me, telling me what you were about to do each moment. Sometimes your words would excite me before you next touched me; sometimes I’d be too enthralled to understand the words, but the murmur of your voice would keep me on the edge from the beginning.

    You’d take your time and tease me so that I craved your touch and your taste, your hands caressing and lingering but taking ever so long to get there. You’d brush my clit with your fingers, finding a rhythm before beginning to kiss me there. Your fingers would find my g-spot as you kissed. And though I’d been so quiet, I’d grunt deeply as you re-positioned your thumb.

    You’d when you felt like it, not when I felt like it, grasp my nipples firmly, and when I protested, you’d tell me I needed that to orgasm. You’d be right.

    I’d try to be quiet but fail, badly, letting out cries of pleasure. And you’d be quietly encouraging me, talking to me, saying whatever you needed and wanted to say to me, letting yourself go fully. I’d love your noises when you’d begin to fuck me.

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