Eyes or lips?

Give or get?

Fuck or be fucked?
Direct or indirect?
Implicit or explicit?
Teach or learn?
Memory or fantasy?
New or old?
Teased or sated?

Public or private?
Loud or quiet?
Lightness or darkness?
Hot or cold?
Wet or dry?
Audio or video?
Music or not?  (and then… what kind of music?)
Incense or candles?
Dressed or nude?
Casual or dressy?
Fucking or oral?
Licking or sucking?
Kiss or touch?
Tickle or spank?
Spit or swallow?
Vibration or penetration?
Once or twice? Or seven times?
Fast or slow?
Hard or soft?
Hairy or bald/shaved?
Big or small?
Tall or short?
Natural or made up?
Gloss or lipstick?
Perfume/cologne or not?
Or later?


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