“Cum all over me….”

The night began with Mara and me and another couple. I won’t be writing about the part of the evening involving the other couple, because it’s their preference not to be described here. Suffice it to say, fun was had….

Mara was dressed more casually, in black jeans and a dark top. We greeted one another and walked into the bar. I ordered a round of drinks.

After our second round of drinks, we walked five minutes to the hotel and checked in.

Mara and I made out against the wall, her tongue probing deep. I lifted her top over her head and removed her bra. She took off her pants and lay on the bed, at my request, and I knelt between her thighs. I dove in as she said, “If you want me to shower, I will.”

“Um, no thanks,” I said. She tasted, once more, sweet, sultry, musky, salty, delicious, Israeli.

After a bit of this, I bent her over the bed, slipped on a condom, and fucked her, at length, from behind. (“Last time, you said you wanted more salad. Tonight’s salad night,” I said.)

She announced her intention to ride me. Which she did, expertly. I bit her nipples, hard enough (I hope), this time. I needed her guidance to give her ass the attention it deserves – it’s meaty and full. She wishes it were bigger, fuller, but this is something only a non-American woman with this particular ass could say.

I went down on her a bit more, fingered her. She asked me to make way for her fingers on her clit, to finger her while she rubbed her clit. “I don’t think I’ll be able to cum,” she said, apologetically. I explained that I neither feel entitled to a woman’s orgasm, nor do I measure the success of an evening by the presence (or absence) of one or ten. She was self-conscious, and seemed unlikely to cum. I suggested she close her eyes, that she just play with herself, trying to forget that I was there. “But I like looking at you,” she said. “You’re hot.”


Mara played with herself for herself, for me. Her legs spread, on her back, I rubbed her breasts, pinched her nipples. She rolled over and faced the full-wall mirror. We watched, together, as she rubbed herself. “Would you sit in that chair over there?” I asked. She walked over to an arm chair on the far side of the room. “Spread your legs for me?” I said. There was a question mark at the end, but it wasn’t a question. She started to rub her pussy again. “No,” I said. “Put your hands on your knees.” She did.

“Now, would you tell me about some of the dirtiest sex you’ve ever had?”

She told me a tale – not so much dirty as taboo. I won’t repeat it here. But it was hot. And she’s a filthy slut. 😉

Several times during the telling, I had to remind her to stop touching herself. (I, on the other hand, stroked my hard cock throughout, lying on the bed, watching her – her gorgeous face, breasts, pussy, as she told me the tale.)

At the end of her tale, she confessed that she had read my blog, and lavished praise on me. “It’s sort of like fucking a star,” she said. “Um, sort of,” I replied.

But there’s not much that turns me on more than someone liking my writing. I’m that much of a narcissist, that much of a writer.

We fucked some more. Doggy-style, missionary, her riding me again. She was sucking my cock once more when the phone rang: “You have about twenty minutes left,” said the desk attendant.

I asked her if she had a preference as to where I came, or if she’d prefer that I decide. “All over me,” she said. “I want you to cum all over me.”

“Go back to sucking,” I said.

Moments later, I sprayed cum all over her face, and got a little on her tits, but didn’t quite manage to fully decorate her entire body.

We hopped in the bathtub together and used the hand shower and soap first to lather, and then to rinse, one another off. “Ooh,” she said. “I could have used this.” But our time was short now.

As we dressed, we discussed the evening, my blog, her blog (yeah, she has one too). We talked about blog traffic and readership. “I have a question,” she said, apropos of nothing. “Would you be comfortable making out with me on the street?”

“Um, yeah.”

We walked into the night, left the keys with the desk attendant, and pulled our bodies against one another, kissing hard and long.

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