Update on L

You may remember L.

Although our lives bring us into frequent contact, both with one another and with one another’s spouses, we haven’t fucked since January.

This is a problem.

It’s a problem for each of us, though each in different ways.

For me, it’s sad, disappointing, a loss:  L gives me/gave me a sort of sexual companionship that’s unique.  (This is not in any way a knock on my wife:  anyone who’s had sex with someone who’s not their spouse knows that there are certain things a spouse can give that no one else can; there are similarly certain things a spouse never can give.)

I don’t know what the future will hold.  It’s kinda dependent on things with her, with her husband, and that’s all just a little up in the air.

In the mean time, I miss our adventures – our trips to strip clubs, to sex clubs, to hourly hotels.  And the crazy banter in between – its constancy and its content.

Our last date was abortive:  I picked her up but it immediately became apparent that what we needed to do was to talk, not to drive to a remote parking lot and for me to fuck her silly against the car.  Or to go to a bar and occupy the bathroom.  Or to go to a sex club and put on a show for the others.  (Those were the three things I was pondering when I got her.)

I hope our next date is soon.

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