Nov 122016

Kinkly just published their second annual list of the top 100 sex blogs. I was on their list last year. During the course of the year, I was one of their twelve monthly “featured” sex bloggers. But for some reason, this blog didn’t make their top 100.

I won’t do the sour grapes thing here, other than to say this: their list doesn’t really make sense to me.

This is too bad. The world needs more good lists of sex blogs. Sex blogs are hard to find. Google “best sex blogs,” and you’ll see just how hard it is to get a sense of the lay of the lay blogging land.

Molly has done a great job of countering that with her list. And blog rolls always provide a breadcrumb tail that leads to interesting reading. But it’s a shame there’s not a more comprehensive survey of the landscape.

Lilly seems to be working on an interesting project in this vein. Here’s hoping it works!

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