Working my way through Julie’s list

These are the items remaining from my original questionnaires to you that you ranked “4” – the second-hottest ranking possibility:

Conduct a session wearing translucent/transparent tights.
Give me control of your (solitary) orgasms for a period of time. An hour. A day. A week. Your choice.
Have a drink in a bar or coffee shop or a meal in a restaurant in which I’m eating/drinking. We don’t sit together. We don’t speak. We just text. I give you instructions (subject to preestablished boundaries/limits). Tell you thoughts. Watch you from a distance. But. We say good-bye without having approached one another. Or, perhaps, we simply shake hands. Or kiss. Or hug. Good-bye.
You write a list of 5? 10? 50? things that you would rank 5 that I haven’t come up with yet.
Spend 60 seconds doing nothing other than imagining my cock in your mouth. Tell me before and after.

I want them all. But before I ask for them, I want to check in. Please tell me you are on board for each. And, if you would, please rank them for me in terms of which feels hottest to you. (Which, I’ll note, is different from “which you’re most comfortable with,” or “which you want to do most.”)

I’ll note that one of these actually requires some real time, a real-life set of actions, that’s different in kind from anything we’ve done thus far. And that therefore may be an order of magnitude more complicated. But, which also may therefore be an order of magnitude hotter….

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