My disobedient Emma

Emma is good to me when she’s good, but when she’s bad I wish I could punish her.

Emma suggested the title, and the first sentence, of this post. The first sentence, she cribbed from something I said to her the other day. It’s true.

I think Emma is a bratty sub, that she would like to be punished, that she wants to be forced to do what she wants to do. She hasn’t said that, but I believe it to be true. From my perspective, her “badness” is an affirmative detractor. I don’t want to punish her. I don’t want her to be be bad. I want her to be good all the time.

She’s a little confused, though. Emma – like Marina – would prefer to avoid saying “no” to something I ask of her. And, like Marina, this preference exceeds her preference to give me what I ask of her. So…. if I ask something of her that she can’t, or won’t, give, rather than please me, by saying, “I’m sorry – I know you want that, but I’m afraid I can’t give it to you,” more often than not, she’ll say, “Ok!” And then, it never materializes. I’ll say, “where’s that video of you eating a banana you told me you wanted to make for me?” And she’ll say, “I’ll send it tomorrow.”

And then, tomorrow, she’ll say, “I’ll send it this weekend.” And then, this weekend, she’ll say, “I’ll send it to you Tuesday.”

It took a solid two weeks for her to say, re the banana video, “I realized I’m just not comfortable sending it to you.”

After which, I proposed that she make a video for herself, and then, describe to me her experience of making, and watching it. “Ok!” she said. “I can do that.”

But. No sign of it.

Emma’s ass is unlike anything else in the universe. Emma’s cunt, which I’ve taken to having her position three inches from the camera, so I can imagine feasting on it, unceasingly stiffens my cock. Her eyes haunt me. Her face is spectacularly pretty.

But all this other stuff? It’s just not hot. Which, I’m pretty sure, isn’t actually the look she’s going for.

I did, however, figure out how I can punish her: by not writing about her. The appearance of this post signals her improvement – marginal, but measurable – in giving me what I want. As these photos demonstrate.

Here’s hoping there’s more of Emma to come (to).


    1. I think that’s correct. It’s also immature communication. It’s always fine to refuse me directly. Or to tell me that you’ve changed your mind.

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