Technical difficulties

Sometimes, it feels like the universe conspires against me. In recent days:

  1. My new phone (an “Essential Phone”) has devolved to the point that it doesn’t make or receive phone calls unless I reboot it several times in a row. I’m waiting on a replacement. I’m waiting too long.
  2. Tinder has once again decided that I don’t deserve a Tinder account. In past times, when Tinder’s deactivated me, I’ve panicked, seeing my path to new partners blocked. This go-round, I just don’t care too much. I have good relationships with several sexual partners, and honestly, I just haven’t had the bandwidth to attend even to those relationships, because of shitty stuff going on my family life. (A relative with whom I’m close is ill.)
  3. Yesterday, my blog went down. I couldn’t figure out what had happened, or how to fix it. The problem was at the very edges of my technical capabilities, but, this morning, I was able to fix it. Thankfully.

Anyway. I’m here, writing less than usual, feeling less sexual than usual, but I’m here.

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