E-mail excerpts

From time to time, I will post here an excerpt from an e-mail exchange. This is the first:

She wrote: “What are your feelings about spanking my ass?”

I replied: “[Yesterday, I was thinking] about how you liked me to spank you, and how I had done it a bit, but the time I’d been most… effective… had been the time I was most angry with you, when you had someone else exerting a claim on you, and you were imposing that claim on me – and presenting it not as your need, but as his.

I was musing about that, about how, in fact, I feel anger kinda generally, and/but how it feels, generally, important to me to protect myself – and the women with whom I interact in just about any way – from that anger. To my, and their, sexual detriment.
… [A]ll I have to say about your ass prospectively is that I expect you will need to be ready for what awaits should you ever decide you want to grant me access to it again. Perhaps I’ll write more about that.”

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