A first encounter

“I have to meet a friend half an hour away at 11:45.”

“How late are you prepared to be?”

Jenn doesn’t live here. She is headed out of the country shortly. There was a bit of “now or never” to it.

It was 10:35. We had never met. Our Tinder correspondence had begun twelve hours earlier. She had come for me multiple times over the course of the morning. I was about ten minutes away. I thought. Turned out to be more like twenty.

“I’m 10 minutes away And I would like to make use of you, briefly. To give you a taste. If you have to leave by 11:15, I’ll make that work.”

“Say yes, and I’m on my way.”

“Time keeps on ticking….”

“lol this is crazy,” she typed. Damn. I hate “lol.”

“So yes? Tell me your room number.” She did.

Her mouth is wide, welcoming. Her smile is bright. Her breasts are C-cups, full, round. Her waist is small, her ass deliciously not so.

She had shown me what she was wearing. I wanted her nude. As with the good teacher, I asked her to leave the door to her hotel room open for me. I told her to lie on the bed, legs spread, hands behind her head. “Close your eyes if you dare.”

The elevator journey was endless. For both of us, I expect. But I found her, at 10:58, as I’d requested.

Not her. And she's not blonde. But this is how I found her.
Not her. And she’s not blonde. But this is how I found her.

“May I open my eyes?”

“Not until my tongue is on your clit.”

About ten seconds later, I said, “Open them, please.” She looked at me, smiled, and her eyes rolled back in her head. I took a momentary break to establish that I like how she kisses. I do. In spite of the gum in her mouth.

“This is what’s gonna happen,” I said, after she asked to taste herself on my mouth again. “My alarm is set for 11:13. I’m gonna do this until then. And then I’m gonna watch you dress. And then, I’ll leave.”

She thinks of herself as a sub. She had actually referred to herself as my “slave.” I told her we weren’t there yet, and we aren’t. But I know she wanted – even more than she wanted to have my mouth on her cunt for eighteen minutes – to have my cock in her mouth.

Alas, we’ll both have to wait for that.

My alarm went off. She dressed. We kissed some more as I admired her pretty body. And I said goodbye.




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