… the instructions I give result in just unmitigated hotness.

I instructed Ella to come for me, twice. Once, during a trip, and once, upon arrival.

This is what I got back. Holy fuck is it hot. (It reads as if it’s too good to be true, as if she must be lying. I don’t care if she is or isn’t. What she wrote is hot. And I like imagining that it’s true. So, as far as I’m concerned, it is.)

The orgasm I recorded on the plane didn’t record well at all. The mic on my headphones picked up the sound of the plane but not me. So instead I’ll tell you about it. I had a rather interesting encounter surrounding it so I’ll tell you about that too.

I have the unusual luck of having an entire row to myself, a much appreciated occurrence given that my flight lands at 3 am east coast time and I have to work tomorrow. I started out my flight working, I travel frequently for work and have come to appreciate flying time to focus on projects without the intrusion of emails and calls. This particular plane doesn’t have plugs under the seats so when my laptop ran out power I had to be done. I don’t mind having nothing to do on planes. I’ll meditate, or aimlessly browse the ridiculous goods in the sky mall magazine, read a book, or just stare off into space. But my favorite thing to do is watch the people sitting around me, to try and glean small details of their weeks, their lives. This particular flight the man sitting across the aisle from me caught my interest. As soon as I sat down I started to notice him watching me on and off. He took the closing of my laptop and removal of my ear buds as an invatation to start up a conversation.

He looks to be in his late 40s, graying hair, a strong jawline, wearing a suit (seems like a terrible choice for a long plane trip but who am I to judge), overall handsome. He assumed I was a student and was shocked to hear my age and profession. We talked about healthcare reform and data governance, then about sailing,  then about a small town in France we both happen to have a connection to. I could feel him undressing me with his eyes the whole time, not in a creepy way, more appreciative. I liked the way he looked at me. He was hungry. I like hunger. It makes me wet.

Eventually I moved back to my side of the aisle and managed to get somewhat comfortable with my head in the window seat and my body stretched towards the aisle. I’m rather short so this worked well for me. I put my ear buds back in and lay a sweater across my middle to somewhat obscure my intentions. As I began to slowly rub my pussy over my jeans I snuck a furtive glance at my new friend and found him openly staring at me. I smiled and rubbed my pussy a little harder, letting my fingers focus on supplying firm pressure to my clit. He closed his laptop and shifted so that he was facing me, not even trying to be subtle about watching. I unbuttoned my jeans and allowed my fingers to dip into my (plentiful) wetness. At this point I had started my recording and I wish it had been audible because I was losing my battle to stay quiet. I let my fingers wander somewhat lazily for a little while before deciding that I wanted to come. for the postI slid two fingers into my pussy, reaching for my g-spot and applying firm repeated strokes while my thumb toyed my clit back and forth. I could feel myself building and made eye contact with my observer, holding his somewhat dazed gaze and biting my lip as I felt myself make it right to the edge. My mouth fell open as I came and my back arched up off the seat. I held his gaze throughout, loving his absolutely shocked expression. As I came down from my orgasm I brought my fingers to my mouth and cleaned them slowly and carefully. He gasped and turned bright red. I giggled and gave him a wave before readjusting my clothing and stopping the recording. As I began to settle to check the recording and think about trying to sleep he got up and went straight for the bathroom. As I write this he still hasn’t returned. I can’t wait to see his body language and facial expression when he does.

So, while I don’t have a recording for you this time, I do have what I hope is a fun story. I had fun. I’m fairly certain my new airplane friend had/is having fun.

Thank you airplane stranger for being an appreciative and terribly sexy audience, and thank you N for my orgasm.

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