A few years ago, I met someone with the same name as the one with which I was born. Not the one, actually, the ones: our parents had given us the same first and last names.

Neither of those names is especially uncommon, but I’ve never met anyone who had them both. I had, once, read of a professional athlete with the same names. This guy wasn’t that guy.

We met at a party, and started chatting. Me being me, conversation quickly turned to sex. “Do you think,” I asked, “that a woman ever has been double penetrated by two men with the same first and last names?” I wasn’t propositioning him, or anyone else. But I was curious.

He took half a step backwards, turned, and walked away. (We had just met.) But an old friend, the friend whose party it was, took up the conversation. “Absolutely,” he said.

The conversation continued for some time. I thought it unlikely, my friend was certain I was wrong.

What do you think?

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