Eye contact

Even when maintaining eye contact, our eyes move around a fair amount.

If I look at someone’s eyes, and she looks at mine, both sets of eyes move about quite a bit, even as we look at one another fixedly. If my green eyes – green, with little flecks of orange in them – lock on yours, you will experience them as “intense.” This is because I am “good at eye contact.” When I’m looking in your eyes, when I’m listening to what you’re saying (or imagining your mouth on my cock, my finger in your cunt, my cock in your cunt), my eyes don’t move around a lot. They don’t dance, they don’t flee.

Many people find it hard to maintain eye contact – because the effort to constrain the movement of one’s own eyes, coupled with the challenge of processing the visual information transmitted by another’s – and by their movement – is simply too much.

When this happens, when people become overwhelmed by the challenge of maintaining eye contact, they often simply look away.

Sometimes, a woman won’t simply look away. She’ll look down, and to the side.

Often, this is the first act of submission.

(It’s incredibly hot.)


  1. A thing I LOVE: L-O-V-E.

    Steady eye contact, watching him becoming increasingly uncomfortable, seeing the tick-tick of his mind running through his options of ‘what do I do’. If he blushes, I’m a goner. Holy gods. Yes. Hot.


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