Lazy (or, I want, part two)

Today, I’m feeling lazy. Yesterday, I wanted to make you scream. Today, I want to lie back, to relax, for you to minister to me.

I want to close my eyes and relax while you feast endlessly on my cock, while you use your hands, your lips, your tongue, your jaw, to bring me hours – yes, hours – of pleasure.

I want to gaze in your eyes as you look up at me hopefully – “Is this good?” – pleadingly – “May I do this forever? Don’t make me stop!”

I want to allow my eyelids to flutter, my eyes to roll back in my head as I savor the sensation of my cock warmly, safely ensconced in your soft, moist, mouth.

I want to breathe slowly, to focus all my attention on your tongue, your lips, as they provide alternately soft and hard, slow and fast, sloppy and… what’s the opposite of a sloppy blowjob?

I want to be the center of your universe, your purpose in life. I want you to devour not just my cock but my reactions, the arching of my back, the bucking of my hips. My tender caresses, my brutal gripping, of your hair, your head.

I want to feel your hunger, your need, for my cock, yes, but also for my cum. I want to hear your pleas – “mmhmm, mmhmm” – letting me know you’re ready, you want, you need to feel me explode in your mouth, in the back of your throat, filling you with the evidence of my rapture, of the rapture you’ve so thoughtfully given me.

And I want to give you what you want, what you need.


For the x-art gallery from which the still picture was taken, click here.

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