Farewell to the Amazon

So I feel like this email is a little overdue…but I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to write it. I’m self conscious about it, but as I woke up… and saw your email, I realized if there was anyone I knew I could tell it would be you.

I met someone before I left… that I became quickly enraptured with. He is [t]he opposite of everything I look for in a man. Attraction is a funny thing…or am I using the wrong word here – passion? obsession? … We quickly started up a relationship…as you can imagine he is dominant. Very dominant…in this alluring, quiet, but stern way. I have never once said no to him.

He likes when I fuck other people, prefers it in fact…but he likes to choose them. Tinder makes this very easy…but sometimes we go to a bar together and I leave without him. First we meet at his place and he showers me, dresses me, adores me…..then we go out to the bar. He picks the person for me to go home with….When I’m finished I meet him back at his house…then he undresses me, showers with me, I tell him about my date and then we go to bed.

When I left [him] he made it very clear he still owns my pussy. I know it’s true – I can’t help it. He did not want to let me fuck you. I had to beg him for a two/three day reprieve so that I could send you those pictures and meet you and do everything you told me to. As you can imagine, he did not like it. He let me do it once but my repeated requests have made him angry and I won’t ask again…….and like I said I never say no to him.

So thats [sic] the relationship I’m in now. I really was out of town this weekend staying in a room with my sister (lol) so pictures were not as easy or as fun to take. . . but I was being a little distant…waiting to hear back to see if I could see you again. I am not allowed to…. do you blame him? You’re a threat.

Do you think I’m crazy?


My response:

I don’t think you’re crazy. I think you’ve found a great relationship, and I’m just thrilled that I got one day with you.

In the unlikely event things with him go south, and you find yourself in the NYC area, you know one guy who happily will put you to good use…

Thank you for your honesty, and your body….

How would it feel if I wrote about this? If I quoted unidentifiable parts of what you wrote? (You know I wouldn’t without your ok.)

Thank you again.


She gave me her permission.

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