Ashley Madison

A while ago, I wrote about my skepticism about Ashley Madison. In the last month, three things have happened that have caused me to reevaluate my position.

1) A good male friend got laid using it.

2) I got laid using it with a super hot woman. (You haven’t read that tale and you may not. Sadly, I haven’t been able to schedule a second fuck-fest with the astonishingly hot, remarkably tiny, woman I fucked silly before the new year.)

3) I met another super hot woman through it. (If more comes of that, I’ll let you know. God, I hope more comes of that….)

It’s definitely filed with a gazillion fake, fraudulent profiles. And, in the words of the woman in 3, above, “I get 400 messages a day.” So if we men are to get lucky, we have to demonstrate a remarkable combination of skill and luck.

But I’m psyched.


  1. I’ve used AM quite extensively and have been very successful with it. Yes, you really do have to work hard to filter the wheat from the chaff, but if you can avoid being a total douche bag, there’s more than a reasonable chance to score. And with some very high-quality women, I might add.

  2. Well, I have no doubt that you’ve got all the skill in the world. As for luck, it seems ti’s going your way too!
    I sure hope for you (and for my reading pleasure), that more comes out of that… 🙂

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