Writing project

Remember that writing project I’ve told you I’ve been procrastinating on for over a year? I’m finally fully into it. Which is why I’m not at all writing here, or corresponding with you (if you’re a correspondent), or having a life. 🙂

The end is near. My target is to finish a draft tomorrow. Perhaps that will happen. Perhaps it’ll stretch out into next week. But not much longer than that.

Then? I’ll let it marinate for a week, and do one final read. Then? I send it to the one person who needs to read it before it becomes a semi-final, discussion draft, that I circulate a bit more broadly. THEN, it goes to 3-5 more people, and then, after THAT – after incorporating all the feedback I get – THEN, it becomes a final. So it’ll be 4-6 weeks before it’s final, at least. But the end is in sight.

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