What I crave

Sometimes, I find myself with very specific cravings.

I’ve always had a sort of “core fantasy” – that of an endless sea of women, gratifying me orally, and allowing me to gratify them orally. But from time to time, I find myself having a very specific other craving. Nearly ten years ago, I had my most memorable version of this, when I found myself simply needing to have sex with a pale redhead.

Generally, I’m hungry to have my cock sucked – and to have it sucked by a woman who allows me to dress her and to put her through one of my very few scripts. (Read about my dates with V or Isabel for representative samples of these.)

Lately, though, I’ve been wanting to bury my head between the thighs of a new woman (or three). I’m not averse to having my cock sucked (what red-blooded straight cis man is?), but that’s not the fantasy. The fantasy is all about thighs – meaty thighs, please, in this fantasy – open for me as I dive in, lapping and licking my way to (her) oblivion, collecting orgasm after orgasm.

This is what I’m craving. The clock’s ticking….


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