Weiner and me

The latest news about Anthony Weiner makes me sad.

I don’t judge him. Others will take care of that. I’ve heard so many people say so many things about him. I don’t feel, or think, any of those things. The only thing I think is, “There but the grace of God….”

He and I aren’t so far from one another, you see. These are the differences, as far as I can tell:

  1. I’ve never been elected to congress.
  2. I’ve never enjoyed sending pictures that include my face.
  3. I’ve never sent anyone with whom I was sexting a picture of my son.
  4. I’ve never shared my legal name with the women with whom I’ve exchanged photos.

Also? My wife isn’t on Hillary Clinton’s staff.

I could wax superior about 2-4, but, honestly, my superiority is luck, nothing more.

I feel for him. And for his wife. And, most of all, for his son.

Life is hard.

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