Relaxing… and exhausting

Prelude: as I’ve written, I find it (increasingly) hard to write powerfully about sex. I write reasonably well about anticipation, about ideas, but describing who put what where in a way that’s hot is not always easy for me. This post is short, and it doesn’t do justice to the pleasure I felt in Isabel’s mouth, with her pussy. Suffice it to say, she’s fucking hot, and we had a blast. To compensate for my poor writing about the sex part of the evening, I hereby present you a couple of photos of Isabel, so you can see how very hot she is. At the end of the post. Winking smile Just to keep you reading.

After the light changed colors, we moved to the massage room. The room was big, we weren’t actually that close to one another. My massage therapist, a young, sexy, tomboy-ish, brunette, ministered to my sore body for an hour. I was grateful. I’d incorporated a massage in our date because fuck, I really needed one. I had a few minutes of concern when she flipped me over that my cock might lift the sheet embarrassingly, and I got to think that through. I decided that, if it happened, I actually wouldn’t be that embarrassed. I’m sure she’s contended with that before, and she’s a professional. And it wouldn’t be her for whom my cock was hard. Isabel lay fifteen feet away, her body being ministered to by an older, less attractive, woman.

The massages finished, we dressed, and got in a cab to the hotel I’d selected. Tragically for Isabel, it was in a neighborhood in which she knows lots and lots of people. Isabel lives in terror of being seen with me. I only partially understand this. She’s not in an exclusive relationship. She’s allowed to date. True, I wear a wedding ring, so I can imagine that might be off-putting to some – but only if she introduced me as her date. There’s no rule says that’s how she’d have to introduce me if we ran into someone. Anyway – I went into the hotel and checked in, Isabel hanging her head low, hoping against hope not to be spied by any passersby.

We went to our room, and the fun began. And it was fun. She commenced her audition for the job in earnest, devoting herself to devouring my cock hungrily, expertly. Her mouth was soft, warm. Her lips pressed on my shaft, her tongue, on my frenulum. One of my favorite things Isabel does is to take my entire cock into her mouth and swirl her tongue around, pressing against all the different parts of if while I’m surrounded by her wet warmth. Yum.

Some hours passed. There were several orgasms on her part, just the once on mine (I am, generally, once and done, a trait for which I compensate by lasting forever before that once). And we kissed one another good night and headed home, spent.

I’m pretty sure she’s hired for the job. But I might need to give her a callback interview.

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