Actual OKC dialogue

Her: So….I read your blog. Well, the intro and then what you are thinking while eating pussy. I think Im going to go play with my pussy until i cum. Thank you.

Me: Mmm. I’m proud! That orgasm is mine!

Her: Gimmie a min. Havent gotten there yet.

Her: Ok. Done. Want to hear about it?

Me: Please.

Her: I stood there, in the bathroom stall at work. Back against the cold wall, panties down around my knees, legs parted. The two fingers of my left hand slide easily into my sopping pussy, and i rub my clit furiously with my right hand. My fingers go in and out, as deep as they can. I keep rubbing my clit. Visions of past lovers fucking me stream through my brain, rushing me to the finish line. I cum, and i feel myself tighten around my fingers. I realize i was breathing heavy and hope no one heard me. Then, i catch a sob on my throat, wishing for the one man i could not hold on to. I pull myself together and realize my folly. I cannot pee because i just came. I sit on the toilet and use the bath tissue to wipe my juices of my hand as i try to relax enough to relieve myself.


Sometimes, I just am amazed at what I have wrought here.

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