She’s tall. Maybe 5’7″. Slender. But curvy. Her waist is tiny, but her hips flare out wide. Her hair – black, with blonde highlights – is pulled back, tight. Her eyebrows have been plucked into narrow strips, and they rise sharply over her glitter eyelids and long eyelashes, over almond-shaped brown eyes.

Her cheekbones are impossibly high, so high that her cheeks slant down to her chin in a “V,” punctuated by deep dimples on each side.

Her nose is Semitic, her lips, plump.

She wears a black leather jacket over a grey sweater. Black leather boots, knee-high, over the bottoms of her tight, olive-green khakis.

Her lips twitch back and forth, pursed, almost like a rabbit’s nose, over and over.

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