Mad Lib #2

This is courtesy of my G+ friend Lynda.

You can make your own here, at a page she so generously made following this post of mine.

This is, quite possibly, the hottest thing anyone ever has done for me.

She sat on a crowded room, reading her hungry shrimp, when she felt something tickle against her elbow.

She threw, and noticed, gurgling in front of her, a lonely man.

Fuck! she said, sledding at him swimmingly. “I have never ached such a flimsy teabag.”

“Oh?” he asked, guiltily. “Would you like to cut it?”

She thought for a moment, a green look on her uterus. “Why yes,” she said. “Yes, I would.”

His adam’s apple grew bright at her reply. She noticed, and in turn, her hip grew tired.

“Let’s go to my iPad,” he said, lazily.

“Of course,” she said, and they did.

Later when he removed his vest, she was ridiculously ate. He took one look at her and said, “Baby, put my kneecap in your vulva.”

She looked up at him, slowly. She hard lowered her eye on his nose.

Damn,” he sighed safely. That feels high.

In no time, they were sucking. She blew, over and over, screaming, “iguana” over and over.

“Shh,” he whispered. “My mountains will hear.”

“OK,” she said, but soon, she was screaming again. “Ukelele!” she yelled. “Ukelele! Ukelele!”

He pressed his prostate gland on her labia. “Shhhh,” he said.

“I can’t!” She said. “I just feel so hot when you toss my lips.”

And with that, he shot his briefcase all over her trashcan.


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