Mouth moistness and Twitter

First, the boring part:  I love Twitter.  Seriously.  I only discovered it a month or two ago, and it’s been great fun.  I’ve made some “friends,” and done some serious thinking.  Oddly, though G+ purports to be more “substantive,” and to facilitate greater conversation, that’s not really been my experience.  G+ seems to foster more masturbatory conversation – sharing of “opinions” – but Twitter fosters more genuine conversations, sharing of experiences.

Ok – now, on to mouth moistness.

My Twitter friend, Debutante Dilettante (the writer of this awesome blog, where you currently can find her hot writing about her first visit to a London sex club – both the real version and the fantasy version), tweeted the following this morning:

Apparently “some people tense their tongue when they lick and some people’s mouths are drier”! I learn something new every day.

This isn’t news to me, or to anyone who’s had the privilege of more than, say, two blowjobs in any given year.  People’s (and my experience as almost exclusively of women’s) mouths vary dramatically.  Some tongues are velvety, warm, soft; others, rough, almost granular.  Some cheeks are preternaturally gentle, warm, and welcoming, while others feel like rigid walls.  This is not, to my mind, a question of technique:  no, it’s much more like luck, I think.

I can remember one mouth in particular – the Secretary’s – that felt unlike anything imaginable.  It was as if the world’s greatest engineers had gotten together to design a mouth for the sole purpose of fellating me.  Her mouth was wet, welcoming, warm, soft, gentle.  Almost like body-temperature, wet, slightly rigid silk.  Or something.

I have no idea what causes this.  I know that, when I smoked cigarettes, my tongue was a bit rougher than it is now.  But beyond that?  Not a clue.

Do you readers have any insight?  Is there some kind of mouth hygiene that leads to a better, more welcoming environment?  What can we cunniling-ers do to make our tongues feel best?  What can fellatiatrixes (and fellatiotors?) do to their mouths to make them feel better?

Inquiring minds want to know….

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